Stille Wasser

Still Waters

Thriller | 1996

After twenty years as a failed musician, the crooner Harry Kuntz finally has a hit – it is the new version of one of Franz Lehár’s songs “You Are My Heart’s Delight” which takes him to the top of the charts. While Harry basks in his unexpected fame, his brother and manager, Tommy, sees his own dream of making a fortune within his grasp. When their car breaks down one stormy night, the two brothers take refuge in a remote house, where Harry’s lust for sexual adventure embroils them in a nightmare from which there is no escape.
A story that starts off as a social commentary with humorous undertones suddenly tumbles like a terrifying rollercoaster ride towards the abysses of the human soul.

Director: Max Linder
Script: Martin Ambrosch
D.O.P.: Hans Selikovsky
Sound: Andreas Kopriva
Bernhard Weirather
Editing: Andrea Wagner
Music: Walter Werzowa
Production Design: Bertram Reiter
Costume Design: Helga Erker-Klein
Make up: Michaela Hofstetter
Producer: Helmut Grasser
Production Company: Allegro Film
Cast: Wolfram Berger
Helmut Berger
Petra von Morzé
Alexander Strobele
Ina Halmágyi
Peter Rapp u.a.
Technical data: 87 min. / Colour / German / S-16mm / 35 mm, 1:1.85 / Dolby SR Digital
Festivals: Max-Ophüls-Preis/Saarbrücken 1997
Alpinale 1997
Shanghai Film Festival 1997 a.o.
Funds: Austrian Film Institute
Vienna Film Fund
ORF Film/Television Agreement
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