More than Honey

More than Honey

Documentary | 2012

Millions and millions of bees have disappeared in 2007 and 2008.
Seemingly unmotivated, without any prior symptoms of illness or infection they have disappeared from a hive saturated with honey - never to reappear at any other place, but also without leaving any dead bodies behind. Helpless the queen and the young stay behind and die the slow and painful death of starvation. Just to get the picture: 80% of the population of Manhattan, Zurich and Berlin has disappeared, including the entire administration, the police, houses and flats deserted, the cupboards are filled with money yet there is no one left to steal it. In the cribs and nurseries there are babies and toddlers, whining, starving.
Despite intensive research science has not managed to come up with an explanation. This is worrying because there is more at stake than honey: Today the bee is one of the most important farm animal within the modern, globalised agricultural industry. Without pollination services provided by billions of honeybees, a large part of our fruit and vegetables - even meat - would never end up on our plates. The dependency is mutual. It is just not humans profiting from the bees - but vice versa. The bee followed in man's footsteps in its worldwide expansion.
But now the balance of power seems to shift in the contract between man and bee. Is it just a momentary fluke or are we facing the early stages of total system collapse? Life and survival depends upon a mutual respect between parasite and host. A successful parasite allows the host to live - it is not the survival of the fittest, it is the most adaptable, who survives. Now our collaboration with our most important farm animal does not work as a smoothly anymore. Is it the bees? Or is it us?
Even Albert Einstein predicted: If bees are extinct, man will surely follow within four years.

MORE THAN HONEY is the most successful documentary at the box office in Switzerland of all times. So far more than 230.000 people have seen the film in theatres. In Austria the film was seen by more than 51.000 people, in Germany by more than 170.000 and in France by more than 132.000 up to now.

Director: Markus Imhoof
Script: Markus Imhoof
Kerstin Hoppenhaus
D.O.P.: Jörg Jeshel
Attila Boa
Sound: Dieter Meyer
Editing: Anne Fabini
Music: Peter Scherer
Producers: Thomas Kufus
Helmut Grasser
Pierre Alain Meier
Production Company: zero one
Allegro Film
Thelma Film
Ormenis Film
Protagonists: Fred Jaggi
Randolf Menzel
John Miller
Liane und Heidrun Singer
Zhang Zhao Su
Fred Terry
Boris Baer u.a.
Festivals: Locarno Int'l Film Festival 2012 - World Premiere
Toronto Int'l Film Festival 2012
Vancouver Int'l Film Festival 2012
Awards: Zurich Film Awards 2012 (Best Documentary)
Bavarian Film Awards 2012 (Best Documentary)
Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival 2012 (Best Documentary)
Swiss Film Awards 2013 (Best Documentary)
German Film Awards LOLA 2013 (Best Documentary)
Funds: Bayrischer Rundfunk, Schweizer Fernsehen, Eurimages, Vienna Film Fund, Austrian Film Institut, ORF Film/Television Agreement, Media Project Development, BAK, G+B Schwyzer Stiftung, Zürcher Filmstiftung, Aargauer Kuratorium, George Foundation, BAFU, SRG SSR idée suisse, Succès Cinéma
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