Furcht und Zittern

Fear & Shivers

Comedy | 2010

Philip suffers from agoraphobia coupled with panic attacks. He has not left his apartment in years.
The very first time he leaves his home he is taken hostage. Hertha, the hostage-taker, is 20 years his seniour, shows no fear, and will turn his life upside down...

Director: Reinhard Schwabenitzky
Script: Katarina Bali
Susanne Freund
D.O.P.: Martin Stingl
Sound: Walter Amann
Editing: Ingrid Koller
Music: Andreas Radovan
Production Design: Burkhard Stulecker
Costume Design: Regine Bätz
Make up: Mathilde Basedow
Casting: Nicole Schmied
Producer: Helmut Grasser
Production Company: Allegro Film
Cast: Elfi Eschke
Andreas Kiendl
Wolfgang Böck
Christoph von Friedl
Wolfgang Hübsch
Tanja Mairhofer
Stefanie Dvorak
Lilian Klebow u.a.
Technical data: 101 min. / Colour / German / 16mm / 35mm, 1:1,85 / Dolby Digital
Funds: Austrian Film Institut
Vienna Film Fund
State of Lower Austria
World sales: Red Arrow International
Medienallee 7
85774 Unterföhring
Tel.: + 49 89 9507 2320
Fax: +49 89 9507 2321
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