Die Gottesanbeterin

The Praying Mantis

Black Comedy | 2001

Trixi Jancik leads a risky double life. At home, she is an obedient housewife. But when she puts on a disguise and goes to the racetrack to indulge in her secret passion, she catches a glimpse of better life. Although she blows her grocery money, she has tasted the kind of luxury she can normally only dream about. A minor squabble at home brings the situation to a head and marks a turning point in her life: Trixi fixes her husband a lethal cocktail of pills.
While her freedom as a widow is exhilarating, the inheritance is soon used up. A wealthy acquaintance Trixi found through the personals seems to offer a solution to her financial worries. But Trixi‘s second marriage is clouded by the same old problems. And once again she employs her trusty method of eliminating an unwanted husband. Her past then catches up with her in the form of Karli, a former neighbour. He has more than enough information to blackmail her and get a piece of the blood- stained pie.

Director: Paul Harather
Script: Susanne Freund
Gerda E. Grossmann
Paul Harather
D.O.P.: Fabian Eder
Sound: Bernhard Weirather
Andreas Kopriva
Editing: Andreas Kopriva
Music: Mona Davis Music
Production Design: Elisabeth Klobassa
Costume Design: Thomas Oláh
Make up: Ilse Weisz-Stainer
Michaela Oppl
Casting: Markus Schleinzer
Producer: Helmut Grasser
Production Company: Allegro Film
Cast: Christiane Hörbiger
Udo Kier
Jan Niklas
Simon Schwarz
Peter Faerber
Ursula Koban u.a.
Technical data: 90 min. / Colour / German / S-35mm / 35mm, 1:2.35 (Cinemascope) / Dolby Digital SR
Festivals: Göteburg Int'l Film Festival 2002
Karlovy Vary Int'l Film Festival 2001
Montreal World Film Festival 2001
Hofer Filmtage 2001
San Sebastian Film Festival 2001 a.o.
Funds: Austrian Film Institute
Vienna Film Fund
ORF Film/Television Agreement
Cultural Department State of Lower Austria
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