Die Geschworene

A Matter of Justice

TV Drama | 2007

Hannah is a member of a jury that delivers a guilty verdict in the Lazlo Vargas murder trial. Although there were many witnesses, there was little solid evidence and Hannah is left disturbed over the part she played in his conviction. Finding out that the law can sometimes be more important than the truth, Hannah sees only one possibility left - a risky alternative that places her own life and freedom in jeopardy...

Director: Nikolaus Leytner
Script: Susanne Freund
based on a novel by Katharina Zara
D.O.P.: Hermann Dunzendorfer
Sound: Michael Etz
Editing: Andreas Kopriva
Music: Matthias Weber
Production Design: Veronika Merlin
Costume Design: Caterina Czepek
Make up: Daniela Langauer
Casting: Nicole Schmied
Producer: Helmut Grasser
Production Company: Allegro Film
In coproduction with: ORF & NDR
Commissioning Editor ORF: Klaus Lintschinger
Commissioning Editor NDR: Daniela Mussgiller
Cast: Christiane Hörbiger
Erwin Steinhauer
Michael König
Hary Prinz
Fanny Matschnig
Peter Matić
Franziska Weisz
Getrud Roll
Heinz Marecek u.a.
Technical data: 90 min. / Colour / German / 16mm / DigiBeta, 1:1,85 / Dolby Digital
Funds: Vienna Film Fund
Fernsehfonds Austria
World sales: Beta Film
Gruenwalder Weg 28d
82041 Oberhaching / München
Tel.: +49 89 673469-80
Fax: +49 89 673469-888
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