Black Brown White

Black Brown White

Drama | 2011

Don Pedro is a 35-year-old truck driver. Together with his paraplegic partner Jimmy, he operates a small freight shipping company called “Just in Time” specializing in vegetable transportation. Over the years they have devised an elaborate, nifty but also illegal system whereby they smuggle African refugees to Europe alongside legitimate tons of tomatoes and garlic.
Jackie, a young Nigerian woman, is on the run across the Sahara going north, her school-age son Emanuel at her side. Their destination is Geneva, where the boy’s father, a Swiss UN-employee, lives and where the child should get a decent education, which, in Jackie’s opinion, the father has a duty to provide. At the border between Africa and Europe, Pedro, Jackie and Emanuel meet for the first time.
Applying his expertise and a variety of crafty maneuvers, Pedro successfully carries the two passengers to Europe and falls in love with the beautiful Jackie along the way. But the longer the trip the more complicated and desperate the situation becomes for Don Pedro.

Director: Erwin Wagenhofer
Script: Erwin Wagenhofer
Co-Writer: Cooky Ziesche
D.O.P.: Martin Gschlacht
Sound: Dietmar Zuson
Editing: Paul M. Sedlacek
Music: Nino Josele
Production Design: Hari Haimböck
Costume Design: Monika Buttinger
Make up: Silvia Pernegger
Casting: Österreich: Nicole Schmied
Spanien: Laura Cepeda
Producer: Helmut Grasser
Production Company: Allegro Film
Cast: Fritz Karl
Clare Hope Ashitey
Theo Caleb Chapman
Wotan Wilke Möhring
Karl Markovics
Francesco Garrido
Karl Ferdinand Kratzl u.a.
Technical data: 106 min. / Colour / Multilingual / HD / 35mm, 1:2,35 (Cinemascope) / Dolby Digital
Funds: Austrian Film Institut
Vienna Film Fund
ORF Film/Television Agreement
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