Shoot starts for "Die Hölle" ("Inferno")

The new film of the Acadamy Award winner Stefan Ruzowitzky - „Die Hölle“ (“Inferno”)

Starring Violetta Schurawlow, Tobias Moretti, Sammy Sheik,
Friedrich von Thun, Robert Palfrader

Özge (Violetta Schurawlow) is a young Turkish-born taxi driver, who attends evening classes and is also an ambitious Thai-boxer. She rarely speaks and trains hard. One day she witnesses an extremely brutal murder. The suspect is an insane serial killer, who is aware that Özge has seen him committing the murder. A life-and-death struggle ensues.

In his job as a police officer, Christian Steiner (Tobias Moretti) often has contact with people from immigrant backgrounds. Some years ago his wife left him, taking their child with her. Since then Steiner has been living with his father (Friedrich von Thun) and cares for him as best he can. Steiner finds it very difficult to trust other people, especially women.

Stephan Ruzowitzky: “‘Die Hölle’ is set to be the fastest and toughest Austrian thriller made in recent years, full of magnificent stunts and breath-taking tension!”

“Die Hölle” is an Allegro Film production, in cooperation with The Amazing Film Company, produced with the support of the Austrian Film Institute, ORF (as part of the movie/television agreement), Filmfonds Vienna, Filmstandort Vienna, ZDF German Filmförderfond and FilmFernsehFonds Bavaria.



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